Fat Burning Underwear Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This is a report that describes a range of products, which belongs to the fashion sector, more specifically which belongs to the category of shape wear. These garments though, are no any ordinary shape wear garments, but which when worn, very gently get rid of the fat in the user’s body. The report will describe in detail the product and its life cycle; what makes it different from others in the market, who are the target market for the product and who are the competitors as well, an in depth account of the manufacturing process, a detailed description of the collection and why we decided to create them. In addition, the report will also argue how this range of unique shape wear garments, can be manufactured and sold without the cost of making a heavy environmental foot print, and how it can be socially and economically sustainable for the country we have chosen for its life cycle. INTRODUCTION Women have worn foundation garments, such as corsets and brassieres, for a very long time. Some have been essential to fashion trends, while others have been born out of women to feel more secure. Foundation garments are undergarments designed to temporarily alter the wearer’s body shape, and achieve a more fashionable figure. The function of these garments is not necessarily to enhance one bodily feature, but more to smooth or control the display of one. Within the shape wear garments; the garments themselves can be differentiated according to level or shape control offered, such as light, medium or firm. The simplest shape wear product, currently in the market, is the body suit, which is an ultra lightweight leotard while another common shape wear product are the girdles. These garments are made with much more Lycra spandex and offer the highest level of shaping and support. Although shape wear temporarily alters a woman’s figure, while she

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