Fat And Happy Essay

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Fat and Happy? In the study Fat and Happy by Hillel Schwarz, he presents to readers statistics about how fat people are perceived. Schwarz also states it’s not the fault of the fat person but all others who make being fat out to be worse than committing a crime meaning that if people weren’t so stereotypical about fat people then fat people would be acknowledged for who they are inside and not their outside appearance. He states that fat people “will be saddened and frustrated by their failures, and they will come to agree with everyone else that they are failures in all of life.” (Schwarz 627) This quote explains that after hearing day in and day out negative comments about being fat, then fat people are going to start believing that they have failed in life and their obsession with their body image will consume their thoughts and they will begin to feel as though they are a failure. After presenting these situations he adds that it’s not the actual weight that does the damage but it’s the fear of being fat that drives people to develop disorders, which, Schwarz states, will ultimately make them fatter and unhappier. The author goes on to state that fat people are stereotyped like a minority and that fat people are “stuck in the past, so much that modern businessmen and scientists prefer an employee who has been in jail or in a mental ward than to one who is fat”(Schwarz 629). Schwarz continues to state that fat people do worse than skinny people in school and in business. He also states facts about fat people such as a law in Michigan, which bans discrimination of weight. Schwarz later says that doctors are unsympathetic and that they view fat people as immature and childish. Ironically, he says that the information these patients’ receive about dieting from their doctors have had no training in these areas. He feels that these doctors are gambling with the
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