Fat America Essay

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Most of my life, I had grown up believing eating at fast food restaurants was okay. Later on I realized fast food is not as healthy as advertisements make it seem. Not only have I watched people close to me gain massive amounts of weight, I watched someone spend over hundreds even thousands of dollars on just food. Friends of mine who worked at these fast food restaurants have told me not to go to that certain place anymore also because the place was unsanitary. Everyone’s body needs healthy vitamins and minerals to continue to stay healthy and properly functional. My little cousin JB was one of the skinniest cousins that I had. He played a lot of different sports before he moved to the Valley from Dallas. Once he got used to the Valley he realized he loved going out to eat; his is favorite place was McDonald’s. If it were up to him he would have McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Before summer vacation started, JB watched a documentary called Super-Size Me. The documentary was about a man that ate McDonald’s 3 times a day every day, and after watching this JB decided he would attempt do the same. Every morning his mother would drive him to the McDonald’s down Texas Boulevard in Weslaco for his sausage, egg, bacon and cheese biscuit with a large orange juice and hash brown on the side. For lunch he ordered two double cheese burgers, plain and dry, and for dinner he bought a ten piece of chicken nuggets or the three piece chicken select. All meals were super-sized. By the end of June JB had gained over twenty pounds. He used to be very active and always wanted to be outside, but all this weight gain made him a very lethargic person. I was horrified when I saw what his new fast food diet had done to him. As of today he still eats McDonald’s every chance he gets, but he balances his food intake with well-rounded exercises. For Fall 2011

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