Fast Food Versus Home Cooked Foods Essay

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Fast food versus Home cooked food. * 1st. Paragraph When dealing with different types of variety of foods, you have more than one choice to choose from. If you look at some fast food, they contain some natural ingredients. Take subway for example, most of their foods contains less sodium, and less calories in them. Subway also have pizza and it has basic toppings on it. The good thing about subway, they have fresh ingredients to choose from. If you were to make a sand which similar to the one you would eat at subway, then you could still use your own ingredients. You can buy fresh baked bread, wheat would be the best choice I would go with. The prices can vary, because a fast food cheeseburger can cost you up to $5.00. If you go to the store to buy the same thing, you can get turkey instead of beef. It will cost a little less to buy the turkey. If you have a large family to buy for, then it will cost you a little bit more. If you are just buying for yourself, then you will not probably spend over $6.00 to $7.00 for a whole turkey sand which. 2nd Paragraph Fast foods offers so many benefits that it has become convenient that Americans tend to eat out every day. Most People that wake up in the morning, sometimes do not have time make a healthy breakfast. That is why Mc Donald’s and Burger King is very popular for fast breakfast to go. At least with homemade breakfast you could see what it is you are eating, and what types of ingredients are being used. If you look back a long time ago, some fast foods use to be very inexpensive. Take White Castle, the burger used to be .25, and the cheeseburger was .30. People get good deals when they are trying to eat fast foods. You have coupons for most of these fast foods place. You save a lot of money when you are feeding a family of (4). If you are just feeding yourself, then you do not a lot of coupons, or money

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