Fast Food Restaurants

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Fast, Cheap, and No Hassle Eating out is an ancient practice. In Egypt during 512 B.C. there were menus that consisted of wild fowl, cereal, and onions. The fast food restaurants were mainly created for the travelers. Nowadays, American popularity of fast food restaurants has increased for the fast, cheap, and no hassle. The largest effect fast food has on men and women is obesity and weight gain. Not only have Americans become more dependent on restaurant food, but also eating out has changed the very nature of the American diet. Fast service is a big contribution to the popularity of fast food restaurants. When one doesn’t have time to dine out he/she can quickly pick up an order from McDonalds, BK, Taco Bell, etc. Fast service is directed by the precooked food and the hot to order service. Today’s families are extremely busy, both husband and wife are often so busy juggling work, study, family and relaxation time that the last thing they want to do is plan a meal. Most people work full days, with a lunch break of limited time, thus they need fast food. With people coming through the drive-thru with limited time, fast food companies realize that if a customer has to wait an extra 2 minutes for their food, they might go somewhere else next time. Companies design their drive-thru so that their employee’s have easy access to beverages, condiment packets, and direct delivery from the kitchen line. This keeps the line moving for cars and makes the operation more efficient. Drive thru experiences of acceptable speed, correct orders, quality food, and pleasant customer service nearly insure return customers. Speed of service is in direct correlation to your overall retail sales. Cheap food is a struggle to achieve in todays society. Fast food businesses are accurate in keeping low prices all the time. Most fast food restaurants even have a dollar menu. You can

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