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Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of All American Meal Essay

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  • on October 14, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of All American Meal" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Have you ever thought about the hazardous health impacts caused by the junk food purchased from multinational fast-food corporations such as McDonalds and KFC? Have you noticed the extensively increase of obesity trend in America over the last few decades?
  Schlosser, the author of the book has given us various clues about the latest trend in the American society. In the past twenty years, more citizens in the US have been classified into the ‘obese’ groups on account of the prodigious amount of intake of the local fast-food, such as chips, fried chicken or the local soft drinks which comprise a large proportion of salt, sugar or other chemical substances. The author also divulged the core reason why more and more citizens are exposed to this abnormal phenomenon in the US. Fast-food enterprises have attempted to grab any opportunity to promote their junk food through the local advertisements or propaganda, claiming that not much chemical or unwanted substance is added to the food they are selling. They are even participate in the funding of the schools and colleges in the US, where they are given the chance to promote their products through different medias, such as the students’ textbooks, and that the junk food are vastly appearing in the tuck shops or cafeterias in the schools. Schlosser's research is impressive -- statistics, reportage, first-person accounts and interviews, mixing the personal with the global. Repeatedly he returns to the bellwether town of Colorado Springs, Colo., where many of the fast food-related issues he discusses are being played out.
  In my perspective, as responsible corporations which are promoting their products locally and overseas, they should adopt a morally acceptable strategy in selling their products. They should not further exaggerate the benefits found in the food and should tell the citizens about the truth that their food is carrying more or less unwanted substances. They may also seek methods to maximize the profit...

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