Fast Food Nation Chapters 1-10 Summary

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Fast Food Nation Chapter 1 Summary Carl Karcher was born in 1917 in Ohio. After 8th grade, he quit school and dedicated his free time to helping his father on the farm. When he was around the age of 20, Carl got a job at his uncle’s store, called the Armstrong Bakery, in Anaheim, California where he met and then married his wife, Margaret Heinz, in 1939 and started his family. Margret and Carl then decided to buy a hotdog cart while still upholding his current job at the Bakery. He then opened a Drive-in Barbecue restaurant which did exceptionally well because of the post-WWII economy. Meanwhile, fast food caused cars to become affordable because they would only have to pay the car instead of paying every time every time they traveled because of the people involved in the services of traveling like on a train. GM bought all trolley systems and shut them down to eliminate their competition. Since this was illegal the company’s workers were fined $1 each. Since $1 was not a lot of money the chances of them doing it again were very high. People in America started to get so lazy that they would not even want to leave their cars. As a result Business such as banks, movie theaters, motels, and restaurants took advantage of this and built drive-ins. These drive-ins would typically hire teenage girls to attract boys by dressing them in attractive outfits. The birth of fast food began when the desert was turned to orange groves with the help of irrigation paid by taxes during WWII. Fast food started to change to make thing more cost efficient by making things so easy that an educational degree is not required. The fast food industry also decided to targeting families instead. This changed because a family is a group of multiple people instead of individual teenage boy. Everything was served in disposable wrapping which led to fewer jobs, reduced payroll and more

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