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Mrs. Hollingsworth The dust settled and mangled rubble lay quiet. All that remains are the people who survived the war, the people who made it to vault 101 in time. They emerge slowly; the only thing to greet their eyes is the gray remnants of what used to be Washington DC. They speak not a word they can only glazed in horrors of what they see. They eventually form a search party to find more people, the fail. They count the members and there are but 200 heads in the group. They go through the supplies and they find they have all the tools to rebuild society. They have schematics for buildings and cars, plane and even the in depths details of how the United States government works. However the only book they have is fast food nation, a book that a humble college student was reading for English class. The elders of the group read this book and decide that the subject of fast food should be called upon. The bickered back and forth, three days of constant arguing until a compromised was reached. The elders finally came to a compromise when they decided that fast food would be allowed almost like it was before the Great War, fast food would be allowed to the public but not be allowed into schools. Concerning schools the elders thought it wise to not allow any…show more content…
They decided not to upgrade the fast food standers. They feel that if a consumer feels it is far too unhealthy for them they won’t eat it. They claim that if eaten in moderation fast food is not unhealthy at all. If a person exercises regularly like they should an occasional fast food visit won’t hurt them at all. They thought it wasn’t there place to tell the company to make better healthier food, they feel that’s like telling each individual to eat healthier, this is basically telling them what to eat. Since this is a free country they want people to be able to make their own decisions on what they use to fuel their

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