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Fast Food Nation Essay

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Fast Food Nation Project
  The grills sizzle and snap as the frozen patties hit the blistering metal top. The friers explode with grease shooting out of the basket of french fries like lava in a volcano. Microwaves roar while they reheat what customers would think mouth watering apple pies and employees tear packages into a smoothy machine that prepares their 100% all fruit banana and strawberry smoothy. You are probably wondering what I am writing about. I have just graduated high school and decided to open a fast food restaurant. Before I was able to though, a friend recommended me to read a book before I began doing what would be my career. The book Fast Food Nation has changed my views on fast food and defiantly if I wanted to continue to open a fast food chain.
  After reading the book written by Eric Schlosser I have begun to rethink many things. Many people usually ask themselves how do fast food companies get their meat to taste so good? I mean it doesn’t taste the same as homemade burgers or chicken. The people usually don’t ask employees the secret and just ignore it because who cares, the food taste great and it’s priced cheaply. What does it matter what’s in it and how they get it. People also don’t realize it but, the people that work in the meat packing industry that kill the cow to grinding it is one of the worlds most dangerous jobs. How does fast food get it’s taste and why do they hire so many teens? These are just some of the questions that I’m going to answer today.
On every street and corner of the U.S roads there is always a fast food business there waiting for the many American people to come through it’s doors. Sometimes people will come in and make their order but then some of them change their minds. You can look back into the kitchen and you see teenagers cooking on the stoves. Sometimes they are clean and sanitary and others aren’t. Who handles the food when it’s about to be severed to the consumer and who kills and grind the...

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