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Fast Food Nation Essay

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The Dark side of The Fast Food Industry
In today’s world most people want it fast and want it now the fast food industry provides that services in this manner. People today are usually aware that fast food is not the healthiest food to eat. Typically, the majority of people eat fast food several times a week because it's convenient, affordable and stimulating to the taste buds. People do not realize the amount of toxic chemicals they are consuming on a daily basic not to mention the amount of mycotoxins that they drink within their average cup of coffee. They are more concern about the convenience that it brings into their lifestyles along with the money saved. The Dark Side of the “All-American Meal “is written by Eric Schlosser.   Schlosser creates an argument of how the fast food industry influences everything and how they are big and bad. He uses 3 tenets of rhetoric: Logos, Pathos and Ethos.
      Logos is the persuasion that deals with evidence and facts. Eric Schlosser used Logos many times throughout the novel. Logos can really strengthen an argument if properly sourced which he successfully does. He brings up a lot of arguments and points in his book and one he uses is Logos to better his points. One specifically he uses is his point on how the fast food industry is the largest group by far that employs low wage workers. He says no skill required and I really like this “The annual turnover rate in the fast food industry is about 300 to 400 percent. The typical fast food worker quits or is fired every 3 to 4 months” (pg. 90).
Schlosser betters his argument with the use of strong facts and gives the points strength. He provides specific and valid information and the all information are cited in the last 200 pages of the book. He made many great points with all the accurate information needed to form his case. Pathos is the tenet of rhetoric that appeals to the emotion of an argument.  
It shows a viewpoint and tries to hit a soft spot or provoke a course...

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