Fast Food Nation

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Fast Food Nation In the past semester, we have been studying a book called Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser. This book brought the horrific truth of the fast food industry, the slaughterhouses, the company owners, mangers. This book shined lights on the things that are usually hidden, and things that we don’t think about daily. Schlosser did a fantastic job at throwing the truth out there no matter how horrific it is. The book really makes you think about what actually goes on, and maybe even make you think twice about going through that speedy drive thru. In the book Eric Schlosser wrote, Fast Food Nation, “On the Range” is about the difficulty that our Nation’s ranchers have to deal with. Schlosser initiates the chapter by presenting a cattle rancher, named Hank. Hank states that his ranchland is being taken over by housing developments. Not only is his land being taken over, but he says that storm water runs-off from the city washes away the land. Next, Schlosser turns his attention to how “trusts” abolished competition at the beginning of the 20th century. He says that though these trusts were busted in the 1910’s, Ronald Regan permitted them to reform in the 1980’s and they are squeezing the life out of the cattle ranchers. If the cattle ranchers are being screwed, Schlosser says, the chicken growers are being raped. Through a system that impersonates sharecropping, the growers are under the thumb of the chicken corporation. If the chicken growers complain, their contracts will be terminated. Schlosser brings us to the meat packing industry next. The meat packing firms claim that corporate behavior is not responsible for the low prices that ranchers are paid. Americans eat about sixty eight pounds of beef per year, but that is not enough to stabilize the ranchers. The real problem to why the ranchers aren’t paid well is because of confined supplies

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