Fast Food Issues Essay

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Introduction In the present era every person is over committed and time management is one of the major issues of life. In all aspects of life new solutions of this problem are emerging on the scene and utilization of fast food has also turned out to be an easy solution of the problem of cooking and spending a lot of time on cooking at homes. Working people and students find it easy way out to just go to a fast food outlet and either dine there or get their favorite item packed for home. The sense of responsibility of companies producing goods or services must be exhibited towards the environment and community , both socially and ecologically . It shows the commitment of the organization toward the community Important finding about fast food industry The fast food industry is becoming popular day by day because of the convenience it offers and the changed and busy lifestyle of people. Researchers have found out that the food consumption has increased due to the induction of fast food industry in the cultures of all regions of the world. Only in United States the consumption of food the consumption of calories has increased from 3 to 12 percent within last twenty years. This has resulted in increasing the spending on food consumption from $6 billion to $110 billion over the period of past 30 years. The success and growth of fast food industry has affected the rights of workers as well. Effect of fast food Fast food , beside all the convenience an taste it offers is promoting big social and health problems. The top of the list issue caused by fast food culture is obesity which is prevalent global issue encountered by 39 % people all over the world. Fast food contains a lot of fat and sodium which is the root cause of obesity and is not good for our health It is an analysis of Zimmerman that most of the children lying between the age group from four to

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