Fast food Is bad

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in the fast food industry many resturants have been blamed and been sued for causing obesity. thous some people believe that they are not to blame for cause obesity, i had found s some facts that support these people's beliefs. one fact i found in the surgenons gerneral testimony on obesity that says "the realality is that resturants including many fast food resturants, now offer low-fat, healthy choices." now since the fast food resturants have less fattening food like salads and low fat chocies, making it better for people to eat there with out eating the extremely fatty food. another fact i found in the same acticle is "fundamental resaon our children are overweight is this: Too many children are eating too much and moving too little." this is saying that since kids these day are sittiing at home watching tv, instead of excersiing or play out doors. is also a cause for obesity not just fatty food from fast food resturants. these facts show that fast food resturant dont cause obesity. even though people have heard facts about how fast food had gotten better, they still beliefs that they cause obesity. one fact i fould about this side is " the u.s. banning trans fats from resturnats would help lower icome families-lose weight, since they tend to eat greater quantities of fast food--which contains large amounts of trans fat." this is tell us that since fast food is cheat and contain for fat, lower income families are more likey to become obsei. another fact on this side is "a large order of chcicken nuggets at mcdonlds resturant contain a total of 10,2 grams of trans fat. even a small order of mcdonalds french fries would put a person over the two grams per day limit." this is say that fast food foods have alot of fat, and eating a small amont of this fatty food, you will reach and go over the normal daily intake of trans fat. therefore causeing
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