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Fast Food Cause-Effect Essay

  • Submitted by: kristeen
  • on December 6, 2011
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Cause-Effect Essay Draft 3 (Final Draft)      

What are the causes for the popularity of fast food restaurants?

Many people nowadays depend on fast food restaurants in their daily life. Most people, particularly young people, prefer to eat fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken or pizza. There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food restaurants. The main ones are that: fast food is easy to get at anytime, it tastes delicious, it is available in many places and advertisements help increase its popularity too.
The fact that fast food is easy to get makes it popular. Many people work long hours and shifts, so they don’t have time to prepare good food. It is a lot more convenient to stop and get something fast to eat. Also, many women are now working, and this means that they have less time to prepare family meals. It is easier for them to just order food from a fast food restaurant. Therefore, the accessibility of fast food makes it a popular choice for many.
Another cause for the popularity of fast food is that it tastes delicious. Fast food offer children the kind of food they like, such as hamburgers, nuggets and fries. Adults also love fast food because it is spicy and crispy. Thus, fast food appeals to all audiences not only because it is fast but also because it tastes good!
People also love fast food because there are so many of them:   next to their work place, their homes, on the side of the road or in any petrol station. That’s an important point to many people, because when they feel like having a fast food meal, they don’t waste a lot of time searching for a restaurant to eat from. They just find the restaurant near the place they are in.

The final reason, fast food is popular nowadays because of advertisement. All forms of media advertise about fast food, such as the internet, television and billboards in the street. People are interested in trying new products and different kinds of fast food, so when a new restaurant opens,...

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