Fast Food Boon Or Bane Speech

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Fast Food : Boon or Bane We are surrounded by it, children love them, young people eat it every day and the industry earns big money. Fast food means that food that is prepared fast. It can mean our local hawker food or it can be the American style fast food like KFC, Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and much more. The popularity of fast food is a controversial subject. Many people criticize it while others can’t live without it. We live in a society where both the father and the mother work and there is little time for cooking at home. When the mother comes home after 6pm, she is grumpy and tired. So spending 2 hours preparing, cooking and washing is her last thing on her mind. Eating out becomes very convenient and save time. In Penang,…show more content…
Why do the children love the food so much? Fast food tends to be oily with too much salt and sugar. This is because the emphasis is on taste and making a profit. If the food is delicious, you will come back and there is repeat business. Fast food tends to be very high in calories and is fattening. Road side hawker stalls use cheap oil over and over again. The overuse cooking oil becomes carcinogenic. Road side foods are usually not hygienic because there is no proper water supply. Unbalance nutrition is another aspect of regular eating out. The foods serve outside is usually heavy on carbohydrate and oil with plenty of sweeteners. There is a lack of emphasis on healthy food. Today, many middle class families enjoy going out for buffets. A buffet is a large spread of food usually provided in the hotels and big restaurants. For a fixed sum of money, you eat all you like all afternoon long. Buffet encourages you to eat in large portions and eat way too much. So, whole buffet can be delicious and enjoyable, too much eating promotes obesity in children and create medical problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and other modern day lifestyle diseases. So, while eating out allows you to enjoy a wide spread delicious foods, eating out can create health

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