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Fast Food And The American Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: devorahgoldberg
  • on March 15, 2011
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Fast foods and the American Culture
Grande Starbucks coffee, McDonalds’, Big Mac double burger, Subways’ foot long sandwich, and a large bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken wings. Most busy Americans are unable to recall a day in their lives when they did not consume at least one of these oversized, fattening and extremely high-caloric forms of sustenance. However, when hunger pangs rattle on their insides with embarrassing growls and painful thumps, the mouthwatering, greasy, and most importantly, convenient option becomes the chosen one. Easy accessibility and the popularity of cheap, tempting, supersized portions, blended with busy schedules, has molded the American culture as well as the average American’s perpetually expanding waistline.
Our lives lead us on long and bumpy paths. When a shortcut is available, people jump at the opportunity without applying much thought. Most Americans have strenuous and hectic lives. With careers as a doctor and lawyer, three rowdy children and large house that demands much maintenance, Mark and Jane Thomson’s days stretch far longer than the hours they spend in their office filing papers, dealing with impatient clients and pleasing demanding or grumpy bosses. Their mornings usually swing from rolling all three children out of bed, shooing them off to school, and catching up on all the last minutes to-do’s before dashing out to meet the first client. For Jane, afternoon hours fly by with the chauffeuring of children from one location to the next, doing math homework and decorating science projects, as well as balancing infinite house chores. The mad morning rush allows no time to fix a breakfast of hot pancakes and a freshly squeezed fruit juice. The kids typically opt for a quick bowl of sugar-coated cereal and milk. Mark, who prefers a hot meal to begin his day, simply phones a quick delivery service and indulges in a bacon-egg dish and a fresh cheese muffin for dessert. Bearing in mind the excessive lists of chores and...

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