Fast Food And Teenager

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Area of Concerns: Fast Food is tasty and popular but unhealthy Fast food is a very popular meal suited and widely consumed by people around the world. Huge brand such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger king are common household names. But it is also associated with some of the world’s most problematic health issues: obesity. Even the World Health Organization predicted that the obesity may soon overtake malnutrition and infectious as the most significant causes of poor health. There are many causes toward our area of concerns. The intention of fast food is to provide an affordable and convenient meal. Often, the quality and taste of the food is improved by additives such as preservatives and flavorings. This increases the amount of calories in the product that can have a negative impact on the consumer’s health in the long run. But, the improvement in taste popularized fast foods, attracting the taste buds of children and young teenager who had no concern about the their health. Also, large fast food chain such as McDonalds spends large cash on advertisement and promotion to attract more customers. Many promotions include student meals that lower rates for customer who are students and Happy Meals where customers buy a meal inclusive of a free giveaway. With causes, there are always impacts. The most common impact by consuming fast food is obesity and it is source of many health issues including hypertension and diabetes. Rising number of obesity related diseases can be costly for the country’s healthcare system. Popularity of fast food also produced other problems like financial problems and social problems. Although the idea of fast food was to be affordable, it is not always the case. Large fast food chain maintain price higher than cost of a usual meal, so it can be a huge financial burden for the parent if their children kept spending their pocket money on fast

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