Fast Food Essay

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Why people like fast food ? Many people like to eat fast food and the question is, why? Is it because it is tasty ? One of the biggest problems of fast food is that people don’t eat it once a week they eat it more than 5 times a week, sometimes all their meals are fast food. There are two main reasons that people head to fast food restaurants. The first main reason is because some of them offer free toys for the kids meal. The second reason is they often offer a valuable free gift like, if you order two meals, get one for free; this will attract people to go to these restaurants . With the toys, kids will annoy their parents just to go there, so the family will have no choice but to go and this is the beginning . High calories and how food is saved both affect our health. When we go to fast food restaurants we don’t put in our minds how they save the food or the way they make it, for example some restaurants use the same oil all day, they never change it so they don’t spend a lot of money. Another problem is there food contains high amount of calories, and according to the Diet policy website high calories food can lead to lack of energy, poor concentration and heart disease, these all may add up to sudden death. The best solution for this problem is to not eat fast food and start eating healthy food. People should stop going to fast food resturantants and start thinking about there health, starting a diet is the best way to start a healthy life, for example drinking low fat milk or eating brown bread. You can eat fast food stay healthy ! For example when you go to fast food restaurant don’t order upsize meals stay with the normal size, when you order soda or soft drink, order it with ice so the amount of the drink is low. In conclusion, people should care about their health and organize

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