Fast Food Essay

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Fast food restaurants have become so popular that a quarter of Americans eat their products everyday . This is due to the fact that fast foods have several advantages over full-service restaurants . It is definitely faster and efficient , which would suit the lifestyle of the modern person and it is in fact cheaper than most full-service restaurants , wherein one has to pay for the extra service that is offered . WHY ARE FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS SO POPULAR ? The popularity of fast food restaurants can be attributed mainly due to their quickness , affordability , convenience , and good taste of their products . People who are pressed for time or are far away from home find these restaurants convenient . Employers , employees , and spouses who are both working full-time , don 't have enough time to prepare home cooked-meals , which lead them to stop at a drive-through . These restaurants also established a way to eat food without the necessity of knives , forks , and plates like their value meals that include hamburgers , French fries , sodas , and milkshakes . Their products can also be eaten while driving a vehicle . Their products are inexpensive . A consumer can buy a value meal at half the price compared to what one could spend over a home-cooked meal . Most fast food restaurants have become ``kid-friendly . Most mothers maintained that they could have a moment of peace while their children play with their toys , which are included with their meals . Many consumers see them as symbols of progress of the western society and therefore are cool attractions , particularly among the younger generations who have more varied

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