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Fast Food Essay

  • Submitted by: arnulfo
  • on November 18, 2010
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Ma. Elda Torres
James Beck
ESL 165
May 14, 2010
Essay #1

Nowadays, our society is facing several health problems caused mainly by unhealthy foods. Fast foods contain a lot of saturated fats and chemicals that are harmful to our organism. Fast foods are highly advertised creating a good image of them and making us avoid the healthy foods in our diets. Several of the chronic illnesses are caused by our unhealthy diets. Unhealthy foods should be limited in our society and replaced with healthier choices.
Fast food is any type of food usually sold at restaurants and that require little or no cooking. These foods are usually precooked and preheated. The ingredients in the fast foods products are harmful to our organisms. Several of the chemicals that are used to preserved the foods are carcinogenic and promoters of other illnesses. Hamburger patties are frozen and the nutrients are minimal. Saturated foods are not good for our bodies and can lead to atherosclerosis. Fast food places do not offer fresh foods in their menus.
The advertisement of fast foods is high in the United States contributing to its consumption. We see the media advertising several fast foods restaurants and their products. The fast food enterprises hire famous celebrities to encourage the viewers to consume their products. Children at an early age learn the names of the main chains of fast food restaurant and asking their parents to buy the foods for them. The amount of people that consume fast foods without thinking the consequences are high. Regardless, of our culture fast food is a must for everyone in our society due to its convenience, price and availability.
Fast foods in our society contribute to several illnesses that affect us which include but are not limited to; Diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Atherosclerosis, Hypertension, and Obesity. Diabetes is an illness that is affect our society in greater numbers and even children are affected by type II diabetes that if not taken care of...

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