Fast Food Essay

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What is the cause of the rising obesity rate in the U.S? The leading cause of this problem is Fast Food Restaurants, cheap, greasy food that is easy to get to. That could someday be the cause of your death, a heart attack on a bun. Resolved: fast food restaurants should not promote healthy offerings on their menu. For the main reasons why their “healthy” choices are really unhealthy for you, fast food advertising is linked to rising childhood obesity, and what makes them addicting. Many fast food restaurants offer healthy choices, but are they really healthy for you? McDonald’s offers a line of premium salads and offers apple slices and milk as a substitute of fries and soda for their happy meals. These items are nothing but unhealthy because McDonalds puts false dietary information on their products. The apples slices include a caramel dipping sauce, but did McDonalds tell you that the caramel sauce was sugar loaded and high in calories? No, they didn’t put that on their dietary information. The study also found that 97% of kids' meals don't even meet the restaurant industry's own standards for what is considered a healthy meal. The study showed that the healthy options are rarely offered as a default. Instead, unhealthy options like soft drinks and fries usually come by default. Also, at most fast food restaurants, at least half of young people's daily recommended sodium intake is contained in one meal. In the article “Even the Healthy Choices at Fast- Food Restaurants are Unhealthy”, states that, “the group also awarded the Bacon Ranch Salad with crispy chicken and Newman’s Own Ranch, the dubious distinction of having the most fat of any salad rated. At 661 calories and 51 grams of fat, this salad is a diet disaster, with more fat and calories and just as much cholesterol as a Big Mac.” McDonalds “premium salads” gives the false impression that they sell

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