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Fast Food Essay

  • Submitted by: enicor
  • on February 11, 2012
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Enio Corral Osorio
July 6,2010

The Fatal Aftermath of Fast Food Dining

Every day, millions of Americans choose to dine at fast food restaurants. Granted, fast food restaurants are inexpensive, tasty, convenient, and a lot easier than preparing a home-cooked meal. The majority, if not all, of fast food restaurants even have a “drive-thru” window, which allows people to be fed without having to get out of their cars. Restaurants, such as McDonalds and Burger King are amongst the two most popular fast food restaurants in the country that can make overly consistent fast food dining a potentially severe danger to a person’s health.

      McDonalds is undoubtedly the most popular fast food restaurant. They have served billions of people since the time they opened for business some odd number of years ago. All McDonald’s restaurants contain this phrase on their billboards above their restaurants because it is absolutely a true statement. “In fact, about 96% of young American children recognize Ronald McDonald, second only to Santa Claus. Almost every American child eats at a McDonalds at least once a month. That culture is even penetrating public schools; places where children should be learning to make healthy lifestyle choices.

      Burger King is also one of America’s favorite fast food restaurants. It has been considered McDonalds greatest rival for many years. Despite the fact that Burger King does not have its own “Ronald McDonald”, it is still a very popular restaurant. It is also believed that Burger King is a lot healthier to eat at than McDonalds is. However, if a person goes into a Subway restaurant and grabs a napkin there is actually a fat calorie comparison between Subway’s food and Burger King’s food. Needless to say, Burger King’s food tops the fat calorie chart by a very tilted and uneven margin.

      People need to refrain from eating vast amounts of fast food every day. It will be a lot easier to cope with the...

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