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Degrees of freedom University, in so many ways, is not like school. That's the point, right? There are no assemblies, no uniforms and no need to ever touch an A-level maths book again (unless you end up teaching maths of course, but that's another article). Appropriate behaviour at school and university differs in subtle, but important, ways. At most universities, for example, wetting yourself because you're unbearably excited about being allowed on the climbing frame after lunch will be seen as a bit of a faux pas. Shocking as it may seem, a macaroni and lentil collage probably won't be accepted as coursework for your degree (not yet anyway) - regardless of how carefully you used the scissors. However, both school and university share the key characteristic that they are places of learning. Common perception may be that the decision between watching Kilroy or watching Trisha represents the most significant expenditure of brain power for the average student on any given day. However, university is not all daytime TV and cheap beer. At some point as an undergraduate (preferably between freshers' week and graduation) you will need to do some work. One of the biggest changes between university and school or college will be the way that you work. You will have to take more responsibility for your own learning than you have probably done before and no one will chase you up for late essays or rogue coursework. But what exactly does doing a degree involve? How do people cope? What can you expect as you walk into the lecture theatre, laboratory or library for the first time? University courses are generally a mix of lectures, seminars and tutorials. Depending on the degree, there will also be laboratory practicals, field trips, drawing classes and all kinds of other things. If you can try and anticipate how life might be different at university then you will feel less

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