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SYLLABUS – Introduction to Sociology Sociology 1101-007 Intro to Socy Fall 2007 Instructor: Phil Rutledge Class: WF 11-12:15 Classroom: McEniry 124 Office hrs: WF 3:25-4:05pm Instr’s Office: Fretwell 490-J Email: Email is the primary contact system. I check my email every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Please specify the course name (Intro to Soc) in all emails because I have four different classes and it can get confusing if you don’t identify the class. My office phone number: 704-687-2029 This syllabus can be downloaded at and All papers not given to me personally or handed in during class must be placed in my faculty mailbox. The mailbox is located in the Sociology-Anthropology Dept on the 4th floor of Fretwell building. Please be sure that papers placed in my mailbox contain your full name, the specific class, your phone number, and your email address. TEXT: SOCIOLOGY, Eleventh Edition, by John J. Macionis. Prentice Hall, New Jersey. Note: There are special study/review notes at Go to this page and scroll down to this course to select the download you desire. You can find the syllabus here too. PURPOSE OF THE COURSE: This course is intended to introduce the discipline of sociology with the broad goal of encouraging the development of a "sociological imagination" toward events. From this perspective, it is hoped that students may learn to see the typically unquestioned or taken-for-granted world we live in from a more inquisitive, humanistic, yet critical vantage point. It is further hoped that the course will generate a deepening interest in the affairs of society through the realization that our own identities and ways of viewing events are socially influenced. A specific purpose of the course is for students to acquire an understanding of major

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