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FASHION TERMINOLOGY LEARNING TO SKETCH BASIC FASHION TERMINOLOGY Style: a particular design, shape, or type of apparel item • defined by the distinct features that create its overall appearance • Example: a-line skirts, Bermuda shorts, or Western shirts Fashion: the prevailing type of clothing that is favored by a large segment of the public at any given time • Fad: temporary, passing fashion. Around only for a short period of time Classic: item of clothing that continues to be popular even though fashions change •Example: the little black dress Apparel: refers to any men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing Garment: a particular article of apparel •Example: a dress, suit, coat, or sweater BASIC SKETCHING TERMINOLOGY Silhouette: the shape of a clothing style. Formed by the width and length of the neckline, sleeves, ,waistline and pants or skirt Croquis: a rough, preliminary drawing or sketch Fit: refers to how tight or loose a garment is on the person wearing it Bodice: the area above the waist in a garment Haute couture: literally means “finest dressmaking” in French. Refers to the high fashion industry or “fashion houses” with a designer who creates original, individually designed fashions Ready-to-wear garments: garments that are mass produced in factories CAD: Computer Aided Drafting BODY SHAPES Tall & Thin: •Almost all fabrics can be worn well by people with this build •Should avoid wearing tight, straight dresses, skirts or pants Tall & Heavy: •Tend to look their best in garments with simple lines and little decoration •Should avoid loud prints, checks, plaids and stripes Short & Thin: •Look best in soft, fluid, lightweight fabrics •Should avoid bulky textures, large prints and plaids, large pockets, collars and cuffs Short & Heavy: •Best in garments providing the illusion of height. Vertical lines •Should avoid two-piece or two-colored garments

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