Fashion Is Not Silly

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Fashion is NOT Silly As we know fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by people who we influence. Fashion is always changing, slightly elusive and extremely seductive. It has the power to transform an image and make a social statement. Many of us also know fashion as a fad or trend and can go for a very long time or for a short period. Opinions about whether ‘fashion is silly’ vary depending on what fashion statement you are talking about. Any where you go in today’s society there will be people who will judge you by your appearance and there will be people who don’t. When you do get judged, the change could be really big or could be small and just make know change at all. But when you are looking for a job and have an interview with an employer and they look at your appearance, their judgement of your appearance, could change your whole future career. The example was showing first impression, and was the fir reason why we make fashion statements. Fashion statements can be made by your hair style, clothing, shoes, accessories, jewellery and even your mobile phone. The second reason why we make fashion statements is for popularity and your perceived attractiveness to the opposite gender. If your appearance is unfashionable to others, he/she won’t see you attractive, which would lead to having no connection between each other. Another reason is for our identity, we make fashion statements to show who we are, from physically and socially. As well as our reputation, have a good reputation makes us feel great. But it’s not always good to look your best when going out for night. The reason why it is not always good to look your best when you’re going out is because of the expenses and usage. The expense would be a lot more than the usual pocket money that your parents would give you. This is because in today’s society there are

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