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Australia’s literary tradition began with and is linked to the extensive tradition of English literature. Nevertheless, the narrative of Australian writers has, since 1788, introduced the character of a new continent into literature. Australian Poems of the last 200 years give a representation of our country being highly nationalistic and ‘mateship’ being a top priority in our society and the landscape that goes along with it. Dorathea Mackellar, ‘My Country’ released in 1977, is one of many poems that he has produced where Australian pride is put in one piece of writing, being mainly realistic in some form. Gary Dodd’s ‘The ANZAC Spirit’ first presented in 2008, is one of many poems about Australian pride, and how war bought people together. Both of these poems are showing a realistic representation of the way Australians live and act. ‘My Country’ uses a rural landscape to construct in the readers mind in a non-stereotypical view. Such as lines like, “I love a sunburnt country; A land of sweeping plains; Of ragged mountain ranges; Of droughts and flooding rains”. This describes Australia in a more realistic way, as we are known to have a sunburnt country, being known for our hot summers, and we love our country loves it, being able to go for a dip followed with a BBQ and a few beverages, and our droughts and floods are always on coming, the weather of the lands are usually to dry or to wet. Core of my heart, my country! Her pitiless blue sky, when, sick at heart, around us We see the cattle die But then the grey clouds gather, And we can bless again The drumming of an army, The steady soaking rain. Shows that Australians are strong witted, and work with any consequences they achieve. Describing words like; pitiless blue sky, flood, fire and famine, lavish land, brown country, leaves and illustrated image in your head being non- stereotypical, as an average

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