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Fashion Channel Essay

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The Fashion Channel
Purpose of Analysis: Increase revenue from advertisement for The Fashion Channel (TFC)
Market Segmentation:
Segments | Cluster size (in %) | Demographics | Attitude Drivers |
Fashionistas | 15 | Female, 61% Income>$100K, 30%,18-34, 50% | Think lot about fashion |
Planners and Shoppers | 35 | Female, 53% 18-34, 25% | Enjoy shoppingStay up to date |
Situationalists | 30 | Female, 50%,18-34 30% | Enjoy shopping for specific needs |
Basics | 20 | Female 45%Male 55% | Do not enjoy shopping at allDo not spend much time |

| Favourable | Unfavourable |
Internal | Strength   1. Dedicated network for fashion   2. 24X7 coverage of fashion   3. Accessible to all cable customer | Weakness   1. Low customer awareness and interest   2. Poor market research   3. No customer segmentation   4. Highly reluctance to immediate changes |
External | Opportunity   1. Proper segmentation may increase viewership.   2. Target specific clusters   will increase advertising revenue   3. Identify proper promotion strategy | Threat   1. Increasing competition.   2. Loss of market share.   3. Loss of advertising revenue   4. Reducing brand awareness. |
SWOT Analysis of “The Fashion Channel”
Marketing Mix:
  1. Product: Focus should be given on more entertaining and prime time programmes which will increase the revenue generation for the company.
  2. Price: Market analysis should lead to price determination. Focus towards consumer base should be increased instead of increasing the price of the product.
  3. Promotion: Advertisement in print, electronic and internet media to be used for promotion.
  4. Place: Should be telecast during prime time
Recommendation: Based on the several analysis it is to be recommended to be target “Fashionistas” and “Planners and Shoppers” to increase the advertisement revenue from advertiser.
Pros | Increase in average ratings over time to 1.2 with a potential CPM of $2.50 |
Cons | Additional expense of   $20...

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