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Fashion 2013 essay Four Themes of 2012/13 Autumn Winter Fashion Leather & Color Trends [Neo Grunge, Story Book, Ultra Classic, Galactic, Warmth] 2012-2013 autumn & winter fashion will focus on highlighting the vivid contrast ratio and the deep contrast of colors, such as the contrast between warm and cool colors, light and dark ones, black and white, romantic and decadent and so on, which will provide us the motivation and inspiration for our forecast on the shoes and the new colors of leather. Compromise is no longer fashionable in our point of view; however, we are more sensitive to the eternal and sustainable fashion. To help customers develop new products, Clarian and ModEurop, the subordinate fashion storehouse of DSI (Das Schuhinstitut GmbH) cooperate to publish the manual targeted at the latest global color chips of 2012-2013 autumn and winter and "Fashion Up "leather trends. There are four major themes of the leather fashion trends, from the exaggerated high heels style, classic lines to the style to the full style of the sense of the Milky Way, the luxury replicate antique leather accessories of futuristic metallic luster form the trends of the decadence style, the romantics, classics and the Galaxy style. Refused to be middlebrow - a distinctive fashion statement pushes the strong fashion trend to new heights this season, in which the decorative doping accessories include the retro style and high light soft leather. 2012/13 Autumn Winter Leather Trends: Neo Grunge In this season the decadent fashion has its gorgeous back on stage. Once again, the fashion favors the alternative rock in the 1990s. Short jacket, parka, printed flower pattern dress, damaged jeans mixed with non-brimmed hat, warm arm kits and step-shaped fishnet stockings all reflect this season's fashion concepts. Meanwhile, the rugged buckle boots and exaggerated

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