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The speed of Fascısm The movie which is name as ‘Die Welle’ includes a lot of things about fascism, especially how fascism affects young people and i will try to describe fascism by referring the movie. At the beginning of the movie, students are asked what autocracy is by their teacher whose name is Wenger and they answer that autocracy is when an individual or group rule the masses and they also say it is a kind of dictatorship. When the teacher wants them to give an example, they talk about the Nazis and Neo-Nazis and they think that such kind of dictatorship is never going to happen again, because they see themselves as conscious persons. Rainer Weger wants to teach autocracy with applying it in the class. The teacher starts to apply discipline by making some sanctions. For example, he wants students to stand up before speaking. He asks students which social conditions lead to dictatorship, Lisa says high unemployment and social injustice. Tim who has a tendency of fascism says inflation and Karo says political disillusionment and extreme nationalism. Students start to like the course and they talk their family about how they are pleased with the course and Wenger. Next day, the teacher comes to the class and makes students stand up. They start to make rhythm with their foods and students understand they can make noisy if they do it in the same time and the teacher shows the power of union with this act. Then, Wenger tells them to choose solidarity instead of competition, because achievement can be reached by solidarity. He changes the place of student in the class so they start to help each other and this would leads to solidarity and we can see the fascism here. Also, fascist do not want a competition but want to create solidarity. In addition, they start to wear white shirt and jean. By this way, Wenger discipline them and they can be like

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