Farwell to Manzanar Essay

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Prejudice in World War II During World War II, Japan attacked America, but somehow that meant that every Japanese person was equally involved. The book being read, Farewell to Manzanar, was written by Jeanne Wakatsuki and her husband James D. Houston. Once World War II started, the prejudice against the Japanese became strong, especially on December 7th, 1941, when Japan decided to bomb Pearl Harbor causing the very next day to be war. For a small seven year old named Jeanne and her family, they were both surprised, and nervous. Like a large percent of the Japanese living in America, they were sent to a camp called Manzanar. As everyone’s stress begins to boil, little Jeanne is left to herself most of the time. Time passes as schools begin to open, and different clubs for Jeanne begin to become available. Later on, people begin to leave the camp to start once again, a normal life. Through the beginning to the very end, prejudice is shown greatly towards not only Jeanne, but also her mother, and her father. Life changing experiences pass by, and the main character Jeanne learns much knowledge dealing with prejudice. Papa had gone through many hardships through this time, through accusations and suspicions. Before the war began, Papa was a hardworking fisherman who would catch fish in his large boat and would bring pride to the Wakatsuki family. When he was Harrison 2 younger, he was technically born in Japan but then left for America and became a non-citizen because at the time, the Japanese could not become citizens. Once the war started, most or all Japanese ancestry was forcedly sent to Terminal Island to answer questions. Unfortunately, Papa was later sent to Fort Lincoln in South Dakota to be further investigated for allegedly delivering oil to Japanese submarines. While papa is at Fort Lincoln, he is asked more questions by an

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