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Graduation Speech To: The Senior Class of 2007. This year has been the hardest year for all of us with all the college applications that we had to fill out, and taking the SAT‘s and finishing the rest of our senior year. Who would have known that our last year would have been this hard and stressful? This year as seniors we have gone through a great deal of transformation, whether it was in our appearance, our attitude or realizing that we are no longer kids and this is our first shot at greatness. Whatever type of transformation we have made; we have made it for the better. I would like to wish all the seniors an extreme amount of luck in college and your future decisions. When you walk out of George Washington never forget about the long line of wonderful teachers and staff at the High School of International Business and Finance because I know they’ll never forget you. Good luck seniors, God bless. There are a few people I would like to personally thank. I would like to thank all the AP’s and the staff of the High School of Business and Finance especially. Ms.Smith The first person I would like to thank is Ms. Smith – Ms. Smith I want to thank you for being the best English teacher. While most teachers would give up on a student who is struggling with their education, you’ll spend all night and day to make sure that student gets what they need. Ms. Smith, the reason why so many students and teachers love you and look to you for help is because you’re the Mommy of the school, and like most Mommies you give love and care and a good talking to when we are being bad. I’m going to miss your personality, Ms, Smith. You are an extraordinary teacher and person. That’s why I declare you as the most significant English teacher in my life. No other Graduation Speech teacher has made me work and think as hard as you have, and no other teacher has ever made me want to wake

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