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Farm-to-Table Farm-to-Table, also known as Farm-to-Fork, is an organization that emerged from the consumer desire for fresher foods. The idea behind the organization is that locally grown food will be bought instead of the genetically modified foods that consumers normally buy from grocery stores. A chef from South Africa, Kimbal Musk, and a chef from London, Hugo Matheson, started the organization. Matheson grew up using all fresh produce from the local farms and wanted to do the same for his cooking but didn’t want to import foods from across the world. The two men combined ideas and opened up a restaurant called “The Kitchen” and used only produce from local farmers. The fresh foods are from local farmers that sell not only vegetables but also meats and dairy products. The recognition of Farm-to-Table throughout the country is growing with the environmental and nutritional benefits being brought into light. The organization aims to educate the public on the benefits on Farm-to-Table and how to make smart decisions when it comes to buying their food. The way that the organization is accomplishing these goals is by mobilization. Mobilization is when people collectively take action in response to an event. While some view the organic products as too expensive as compared to fast foods that so many indulge in, activists believe that the movement has a detox like effect. Cleansing your body of the chemicals from genetically modified foods and replacing it with healthy nutrients is enough for some consumers to pay the higher price. Farm-to-Table is creating a fluid change where they are trying to make a cultural change in practices. They want people to no longer purchase the foods that have harsh chemicals and look to purchase the fresh foods that local farmers produce while keeping the customer informed on what they are feeding their bodies.

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