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The purpose of this business plan is to build up a new direct sales model from farmers to community residents called “Farmmunity” to aid the development of the rural economy in Shanghai. In the previous two years, market prices of agricultural products increased by approximately 30%. For example, the price of watermelons increased from 1RMB to almost 2.8RMB/kg from 2008 to 2014. Traditionally, farmers have not had access to direct sales channels which would allow them to sell to residential communities or end consumers. Excessive middlemen exist between farmers and consumers, which significantly increases the price paid by consumers and lowers the profits of farmers. To mitigate this issue, I plan to construct an innovative proposal which is centered around new direct sales model based on months-long behavioral research and market feasibility analysis. It is drastically different from traditional sales models for agricultural products because it involves building an online platform & a hotline for direct sales that will eliminate the intermediate sales links and bring produce directly from farmland to the dinner table. This new selling system will reduce the selling price of agriculture products and lower the living cost of communities whilst also increasing the income received by farmers. We will visit supermarkets and food markets in Shanghai to obtain and summarize first-hand information on fruit and vegetable prices. In addition, we intend to partner up with Nanhui Fruit & Vegetable Production Base, the largest group of fruit & vegetable farmers in Shanghai. We will then establish a selling price of organic vegetables and kiwi fruits that is 20% lower and which ensures that farmers will make an additional 10% profit. Following on from the initial phase, our next move will be to market our idea. We plan to hold sampling and forecasting

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