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Farm Girl Not having a childhood is traumatizing to most adults. Having to work hard at such a young age may seem unfair to most people but to Jessica Hamuer it is part of her normal “Farm Girl” life. Jessica tells her story of working hard to help her family sustain their farm by performing chores daily. She also discusses how theses task were her number one priority throughout most of her life. In order to tell her story she uses the cause and effect method because all the bad things she experienced in life had a great effect on her. In life we experience several things as children that may seem harmful but in the end they may only make you stronger. The daily struggles that Jessica goes through as a growing young women represents ethos in many ways. By working long hard hours completing many chores this helped her build a strong character that helped her become a successful student and young women.” My eyes are heavy with sleep and struggle to open “(Hermauer). “ Knowing from past experience that an argument won’t get me anywhere” (Hermauer).Showed the type of respect she had for her parents and all they wanted for their children.” Though I hated growing up on the farm has taught me many lessons about life…” (Hermauer) Also it allowed gaining skills that she would need in the real world such as time management skills and the ability to stay focused at the task at hand. I think that this rhetorical device which is ethos was the least used because Jessica was telling the story of her life. Which is a really emotional topic and also because the most credit that was due was too her parents who raised their children to be very motivated and hardworking. Some may see it difficult to juggle several tasks at once but by being dedicated Jessica was not only able to participate in extracurricular activities and working on the farm but she also continued to be a

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