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The United States Farm Bill supports farmers if anything was to go wrong. It is almost like an insurance for the farmers and it gets renewed every 5 years. The Bill was created in 1933 during the great depression by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Its job was to stop production of the 7 major crops known as commodities in the hopes of decreasing the supply which increases the prices. The Farm Bill helps supports the food stamp system which is a whopping 74% of the whole chart. 13% of the farm act goes to farm and commodity program, 7% for conservation and forestry, and 6% goes to all other needs. In 2012, $85 billion were used for food stamps. 19 Billion went into school lunches, and 7 billion went into WIC. Each recipient of food stamps only get an average about 5 dollars a day or about one dollar and fifty to spend a meal. With such little to spend, people usually find the cheap and unhealthy food to eat such as ramen and fast food. The cheap diets can lead to people with severe health problems due to the high sodium content in them. With such minimal budget, the government is still trying to cut down on food stamps and try to save money. That would cause millions of people to starve because then the 5 dollars a day can drop to about 4 dollars a day. Recently the Farm Bill is planning to cut 20.4 billion dollars out of the food stamp system About 1/6 people in this country do not have enough to eat. All the people in poverty goes hungry because of the lack of support. Even with the SNAP program and well fare people still struggle to find the proper food to eat because of the price. The farm bill is important to the food industry because without it there would be people that can’t afford to eat. The farm bill also helps support our farmers with insurance so they won’t go bankrupt if any major problem was to happen. The bill helps protect the farmers

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