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This movie is start with the topic that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto said that only nation that doesn’t have Nuclear Technology is Muslims. So, the idea was generated in 70’s that Muslim needs a Nuclear missile and the arch rival India exploded their own Nuclear missile makes Pakistan more curious and insecure that they want to have same level of ground in defense. At that particular time any Pakistan will do the same as one person does for his country i.e. Abdul Qadeer Khan brings nuclear technology in Pakistan. Once Pakistan makes their noises May 1998, the world came to shock and Muslim world found their weapon and hero. In later part of movie it is said that Abdul Qadeer Khan had established a network through Dubai to smuggle URENCO technology to Engineering Research Laboratories. In the 1980s, reports on negotiations between People's Republic of China and Pakistan for the sale of (UF6) and HEU fuel surfaced in the media. The reports alleged that "A.Q. Khan had paid a visit to China to provide technical support in their nuclear program whilst aiding in building the centrifuge facility in Hanzhong province. The Chinese government offered nuclear material from their side, but Pakistan refused, calling it a "gift of gesture" to China. According to an independent IISS report, Zia had given a "free hand" to Qadeer Khan and given unlimited import and export access to him. The report showed that his acquisition activities were on the whole not supervised by Pakistan governmental authorities; his activities went undetected for several years. Now to my understanding this is one of the most biased TV movies I have ever seen, the most incredible part is that movie is that the reason of why Pakistan want nuclear technology is ignored completely i.e. Indian have the technology much earlier than by Pakistan. Can someone tell me where the hell Indian gets the nuclear technology?

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