Farewell to Manzanar Essay

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Farewell to Manzanar Were you aware that during World War 2 ten internment camps were scattered all around the United States. These internment camps housed approximately 100,000 Japanese-Americans causing them to experience massive hurt and immense despair all because they had Japanese ancestry. Well this was actually experienced by the Wakatsuki family in the autobiographical novel, Farewell to Manzanar, which was written by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. During 1942 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor which automatically triggered World War 2 and caused President Franklin D. Roosevelt to sign Executive Order 9066, sending everyone of Japanese ancestry in the West Coast to internment camps. The Wakatsuki family was sent to the filthy, unhealthy, and unorganized internment camp of Manzanar. Fortunately, as stated in the book, everyone at the camp contributed to improve the conditions and to make it seem as a tiny enclosed city. When the war ended, the Japanese people in the internment camps were free to go. Unfortunately each Japanese family, including the Wakatsuki family, was resented and received immense hatred and racism. Papa being one of the protagonists in Farewell to Manzanar possessed numerous valuable traits. Papa was a desperate, affectionate, and violent man within the book and frankly that revealed that he was an extremely dynamic character throughout the book. Papa’s appearance unveiled his desire or desperateness to be accepted by others. When Papa got to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1904 hi daughter, Jeanne Wakatsuki, described how “He bought himself a new suit, a new shirt, a new tie, and a new het-everything he had seen the most prosperous wearing” (50). Papa buying and wearing new clothes in order to look like a prosperous man in Honolulu indicates that he was anxious to be accepted by the others because most people who actually go to the extent of spending

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