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A very Good morning to respected principal, teachers and my dear friends I’m really happy that I got a chance to speak to all my friends from college on this occasion Today as I stand over here and look out to my wonderful friends a smile crosses my face with a tear in the eye..... Two years ago our journey started at Clara’s college. We were not let down. Our professors inspired and challenged us throughout this quest to help us achieve our goals.We worked hard to get where we are today. Together we made it through a stream of midterms and finals, and here we are, down to this very last speech. The strength of our class is very less, but the memories are countless. Strangers to each other we walked in and hand in hand we walk out from here. Firstly the Naughty students of t.y.bmm would like to apologise with all our hearts to our dear principal ajay sir and our teachers who we’ve let down many times. Thanks for giving us a chance every time we let you down. Thanks for believing in us and supporting us in everything we did. Our college has thought us a lot of things It has taught us to lose and also enjoy winning. Taught us to have faith in our own ideas, and to believe in one’s self Taught us to be gentle with gentle people and tough enough to fight the world It made us learned enough to step into the real world. We would like to thank each and every member of this institute who has contributed in making a responsible person out of us. Thank you so much. As we’ll walk out from here, the college walls bear the story of the most precious years of our life. Our hearts filled with the best memories we could ever make. There were times we laughed, we cried, we screamed with joy. We participated as a team, won together, the feeling of victory, the excitement all these moments we’ve shared are just priceless. The feeling of having wonderful people around us

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