Farewell Speech Essay

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Worthy principle respected teacher and my dear fellow student a.s.a and very good morning to you all. "nothing is impossible for a man who does not have to do it by him self " on the behalf of class first year I am here to welcome all of you in this auditorium.. You came here from your busy schedule and its a great honour and reward for us. Its a tridition of our college to gave farewell to our outgoing fellows students so being a junior we have learn a lot from them .they have encourage and motivated us at every difficult situation hopefully we will follow in order to maintain the desiplane and decorum of college I pray for the better future for them and request them to share there precious experience with us for the sake of our better future once again I would like to welcome all of you from the bottom of my heart to attend thi colourfull party here I must quote beautiful word of collien "there are not secrets to sucsses these are the result of prepartion,hard work and learning from faliours . you have to start from I want to wel cum all beautiful divas n handsome doods of you frm behalf of my class... I m thankfull to all of you for giving your precious time to us...2day we r here for remembring all good n bad,emotional n funny, things that we hav shared... This farewel party is not to say bye bt it is a small ce libration of begining of your new journey of life... Hope wil remembring 2day..... Hav

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