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A FAREWELL SPEECH FOR A BOSS WHO IS MOVING TO A MULTINATIONAL COMPANY. Good evening, friends and colleagues. I am very pleased to be given an opportunity to deliver a speech on behalf of our company. It is indeed a sad and joyful moment as we gathered here today in the spirit of friendship and love. It is sad because we will lose a close friend, a confidante, a brother and a boss that has been with us for over fifteen years. On the other hand, it is a joy to see such charismatic character to climb higher in his colourful career. For this, we celebrate the memories we had and the parting of a great man, Encik Adnan who will be leaving us soon to join a multinational company as the Director of Human Resource. Please lend me your ears as I summarize the history of his career with us here in Starter Sdn. Bhd. Encik Adnan started as an Executive in Human Resource eighteen years ago. I still remember when he first walked in through that door, with his side parted hair-do and a beaming smile , confidently he swayed his way into the interview room. Not a strand of hair out of place, with an air of confidence he won the heart of our then Head Of Human Resource, Mr Kumar. Like many young chap of his age then, he was so eager to learn new things in a new environment. His ability to absorbed and learned new things quickly set him into steam. Soon, his talent got the management’s attention and was promoted to Senior Executive.. Not slowing down the momentum, he quickened his phase to learn more new things and injected new ideas into the system. And soon enough the management knew it was time to again lift him up to an Assistant Manager post. Shouldering bigger responsibility, Encik Adnan continues to marvel at what he does. Then, in the year 2009, he was promoted to the position he is now, the Head of Human Capital Development. As Head of Human Capital, none

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