How Far Do You Agree That Drummer Hodge Presents Heroism Whereas Disabled Presents Suffering? Essay

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Three six-lined verses in the plain and simple ballad rhythm of eight and six (syllables) make up this epitaph for a soldier, an unknown drummer boy from Dorset, who dies and is buried without ceremony on the South African plain. Hardy stresses the fact that he would not recognise the constellations in the night sky. The poem shows us how war treats those who have fought and died for their countries. Hardy wrote the poem after he had read about the death of a drummer boy in the local Dorset newspaper. He thought that it was very sad that it was a boy, too young to understand the war, shouldn't have been be buried on a foreign landscape so far from his home in Dorset. The reader knows this is an irrelevance because he is dead but Hardy's poem is an attempt to provide Hodge with that relevance which his death has denied him. The callous words "just as found" sound as if they are taken from a report, the sort of thing one might write on a package damaged in the post. It summons up feelings of pity towards the drummer. The poem ”Disturbed” by Wilfred Owen gives a realistic depiction of the horrors of war, as it portrays an image of one man’s grueling own experience and suffering during World War I. Owen fought in the war, and is a known pacifist mostly known for his anti-war poetry. Owen saw the disorder that war created, and I noticed that he used irregularities of rhyme in the seven stanzas to reflect this disorder. Also, the poems of half rhyme gave his poetry a dissonant, disturbing quality that amplified this theme. His usage of language gave the poem an urgency and directness, and all the senses were utilized. The poem expressed the horrors of war and the psychological and physical torment the young soldiers sacrificed because of it. We pity this soldier as it talks about how much he had suffered during the war and all of the horrors which he was put through. In

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