Fantasy Vs Reality, Homs

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The House on Mango Street- Fantasy vs. Reality English There is always a time in our lives where we wish or desire things that we do not own or have. An imagination like Esperanzas is extraordinary and maybe she can ask for too much sometimes. That is life; people want everything to e successful and happy. No matter how much we wished for our desires, our wishes never came true. For example that big disappointment when you know you will never have what you want on Christmas. The feelings of these characters in Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street are exactly the same and what makes it worst it does not improve it flows through their whole childhood. Esperanza, Rachel, Nenny, Lucy, and Sally are the kids on Mango Street. They all seek for a better life yet they don’t get it; they have to face the real world. This is environment that Esperanza and her fellow friends live in, should they be realistic or keeping hoping and wishing? "Someday, I will have a best friend all my own. One I can tell my secrets to. One who will understand my jokes without me having to explain them." These are the anxious words of Esperanza. While she is growing up on Mango Street, Esperanza finds herself in an environment that makes her feel out of place, in a place she just doesn’t belong in. She wants more of a better life. Her main wish and desire is for a true, loyal, and fun best friend that she can tell her dreams to and will understand completely her for it. Basically somebody that will understand her and support one hundred percent on her dreams. These wishes seem easy enough to grant, but Esperanza soon finds out that there is more to friendship and that there is more to life, she wants it all. "If you give me five dollars, I will be your friend forever."Esperanza discovers that she cannot have anything for nothing; she gets and has to give back. Rachel and Lucy become her

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