Fantastic Voyage to the Lung

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| Fantastic Voyage | Journey in the Lung | Amy Herold HS 130-01 Unit 4 Assignment Kaplan University March 23, 2014 | | | Good day and welcome to the fantastic voyage into Ms. Hutchins right lung where there is supposed to be a nasty fight going on . We will start today by getting into our submarine, the HMS Minimus, and being shrunken down to just 8 microns long, that’s really, really tiny!! Now that we have been successfully shrunk, our next step is to be injected Ms. Hutchins femoral vein so that we may begin the journey to her lung. As I stated just a moment ago, Ms. Hutchins immune system has been fighting a nasty invasion of bacterium in the right lower lung, and we are here to document the battle! Once we have investigated and documented the immune system at work we will take our leave by way of the alveolar membrane and out through the nose. We have been injection into the right femoral vein which is located in the thigh. Did you know that the word femoral means thigh? Tidbit for the brain. If you look out the submarine windows you can see that we are following the current of blood upwards toward the pelvic cavity. As you look around you will be able to see her femoral striated muscles, also known as the quadriceps femoris (Thibodeau & Patton, 2012). You can also see her adductor longus muscle tissue to the right. We seem to be moving along at a good pace for we are already close to the external iliac. If you look through the forward cabin window you can see the surrounding lymph nodes which can range in

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