Fantastic Voyage Part 1

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Running Head: A Fantastic Voyage: Battle of the Bacterium 1 A Fantastic Voyage HS130-03 Unit #4 Assignment Kaplan University February 4, 2014 A Fantastic Voyage: Battle of the Bacterium 2 This is Heather Handley coming to you live inside SubMed. SubMed is a mini sub that is going to tour the inside of a human body. While we wait for the green light to go I will explain what is happening. I have been placed in a sub that was shrunk down to eight microns and will be inserted inside the right femoral vein of a healthy female named Zoey. The right femoral vein is located in the thigh and pelvic region of the body. It is responsible for taking blood from areas in the lower region of the body to the heart via the inferior vena cava. Once we are inserted into the right femoral vein we will travel with the flow of blood through the heart and into the lower lobe of the right lung. From there we will make our way out of the body through the nose. I will explain what we see as we see it and each part of the body that we travel through. If we are lucky we may get to see how to body reacts to an invasion of bacterium! We have the green light, all systems go, and here we go! Whoa, that was fast. We are now going with the flow of blood up the right femoral vein. Ah, here is our first sighting, an erythrocyte, or red blood cell. Red blood cells are one of the three formed elements that is found in blood. The red blood cell shape is unusual. It is thick around the edges with a thin middle and a mature red blood cell has no nucleus (Thibodeau, Patton) (2008). Red blood cells have the most important job of all the formed elements in the blood. They take oxygen to the body’s cells and remove waste like carbon dioxide from the body (Franklin Institute) (n.d). Red blood cells get their color from a chemical protein called hemoglobin (Franklin

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