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Famous Thinkers Lorne Lindgren PHL458 February 13,2012 Jane Muratore, Ph.D. Famous Thinkers Bill Gates’ contributions to society are tremendous, not only did he redefine how business is conducted worldwide and created millions of jobs, but also taking his resulting wealth and putting it to good use in philanthropic acts to help reduce poverty. Bill had a vision that most could not imagine at the time. Computers at the time were designed and used by large companies who could afford the technology and needless to say, had the space to house the enormous space that these computers had to occupy. Bill's main contribution to society is what we have right here under our fingers, the personal computer. Even though the first creation is not what we have today, look at the evolution of the personal computer. His creative act was to take something that was affordable by only a large corporation, and develops it into what today is owned by the masses and has changed the way people communicate with one another. Bill Gates' creativity was influenced mainly on his personal interests of what the consumer was looking for. Bill was known to go to retail stores in the early development to browse around to see what was new. He also would engage in meeting with others to find out the interest in others' views on new technology and practices. His passion to find out what the end user wanted drove him to be creative to come up with the software that people were looking for. Before the personal computer, computers were for businesses. The personal computer market started to emerge, what Bill Gates was trying to solve, was how to come up with an operating system for the personal computer. How to take something that businesses were using and make it into something that any individual would be able to use. Bill Gates started with a vision of "a computer on every

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