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Famous Creative Thinkers Kellie Jackson Dr. Edwin Rudd Abstract I have chosen to look into why Steven Spielberg and Shigeo Shingo are considered creative thinkers for this day and age. These two men have made a name for themselves in very different aspects of the world. One in the movies the other in manufacturing. I will evaluate the reasons they are considered creative thinkers and hopefully answer a few questions in the process. Famous Creative Thinkers Steven Spielberg is a creative genius. I say this because he has overcome so many obstacles to make sure his movies portray what it is that he wants the audience to see and imagine and feel. Steven. Spielberg has a reputation of being one of the most successful figures in the film industry. He is considered very innovative with the movies he creates in his mind and then puts on the screen. Steven Spielberg is considered a creative genius because of his creative pioneering in the film industry especially by covering very controversial topics. (Bio 2014) Spielberg has really never known any boundaries. He has always tested and pushed the limits and because of this he has been very successful. You may even say the most successful with in his job. He likes the controversial topics because he is able to educate and bring the info to light for those who haven’t really understood it the way he does. Socially Steven Spielberg is a man who is very suspicious of groups, crowds, and social organizations. He is quick to pick up on insincerity and try’s to avoid the limelight or glamour. He is very direct and to the point in most aspects of his life. He is short tempered when it comes to communicating his feelings. Usually ending up in no communication at all. Personally Steven Spielberg has things he does when he is under stress. He over indulges because it is so easy for him. His personal life is so closed and

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