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Family Vacation I remember it all like it was just yesterday, the white sand between my toes, the clear blue ocean water, the relaxing reggae music, and all the happy people surrounding me. It was a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. Those four statements above are something that people look at and think wow I wish I was on a beach relaxing under the hot sun; well that’s exactly what it was for me. This special place that I hold so dearly to my heart was my first vacation to Beach Negril, Jamaica. Many people might wonder why I would chose something like a vacation to write about, but this wasn’t just any old vacation it was a memory that I will hold in my heart until the day I die. It all started my eighth grade year during Christmas Eve dinner when my grandmother Announces “your grandfather and I have decided to take and pay for everyone to go on a family vacation this summer.” My jaw dropped as I looked around the table at all my family member’s faces. Everyone at the table fell silent, we were in such shock we couldn’t even talk, and that’s big for my family because usually we can’t stop talking. As I looked around the table I saw everyone with extremely big smiles on their faces, but the only thing I was thinking was great I have to spend seven days with my family. I thought we were all just going to fight the entire time, and we would end up miserable. For the rest of the dinner I tried my best not to show my disappointment, but the only thing on my mind was we are going to go someplace terrible. Being the youngest in my family I am usually the one who has to babysit all my little cousins like I did on all the vacations before this. After about five minutes of silence at the table my grandfather says “Start thinking of ideas of places to vacation, because tomorrow at Christmas brunch we are going to discuss and choose a destination

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