Family System Theory

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Family System Theory Everyone processes and learns new information in different ways. Some students are visual, auditory, or hands on type of learning. A teacher has to get to know his or her students and learn the students learning styles. Also recognize if the student is struggling and how to help the student overcome hurdles. When students struggle teachers have to look at many different aspects as to why the student is struggling in school. Some students may struggle with school because of learning disabilities, boredom in the classroom, health problems, or family issues. The focus of this paper is the family system theory. Understanding how the family system play a part in a student education. Teachers have to take different approaches when the child comes from a culturally and linguistically diverse family and/or the child has special needs. When thinking about the meaning of the term “theory”, “it is a system of ideas intended to explain something, such as a single or collection of fact(s), event(s), or phenomen(a)(on)” (Theory. 2014). When looking at a family system theory, the family has to be looked at as a whole. In a family system no individual is isolated or looked at individual. Dr. Murray Bowen was one of the developers of the family system theory. Bowen family systems theory (or Bowen theory) seeks to understand human beings as part of the natural world. And though Bowen worked professionally in the field of psychiatry, he wanted his theory to help understand human behavior in all areas of life. He based his theory of human functioning on years of observational research, particularly observations of individuals and families (Bowen Family System Theory, 2014). Every family has their own family system. Some vary in size, culture, beliefs, religions and the way they communicate. Every family systems has their own elements that makes up their
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