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Family Support Essay

  • Submitted by: rustyo722
  • on August 15, 2010
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Family Support
As an individual, each family member must strive for a balance of social, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It has been said that one does not pick his or her family but optimally, a family can be a resource for comfort with the loss of a loved one, stress from a job or other factor that perhaps only the family would understand.
Before the turn of the century, generally, the mother would be at home taking care of child rearing and household tasks while the father was working and providing the financial resources. The traditional dynamic changed, when World War I, II and the depression became part of the traditional western lifestyle. Women needed to start working and children worked, too, until laws disallowed it and put youth in schools. This change to the traditional social structure jumbled up the long-standing social structure, where now there are children coming home from school with no adults there, in many cases or living in single parent or blended families. The concept of a 'family,' has changed over the decades but ultimately the social unit that a person lives in can be invaluable for the health of the individual and all family members at large, as a result (AJPH, n.d.).
Since health of a family has a genetic foundation, often the health of the individual can be a reflection of the good of the whole. Where the family has a calm environment, it helps stage a healthy resting and sleep zone. When a family has a regular physical avocation outlet, such as gardening, sports in the yard or walks in the park, the mental health and body systems bode well. Where the members have mastered skill of communication, understanding their emotions and using them in a healthy way, abuse and substance misuse will be avoided or reduced (KSU, n.d.).
The family that has a healthy spiritual side will also support the others even if the individual spiritual orientation is not the same. Ultimately, the person that know goals, purpose in life and...

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